Samba Action Calculator is now Deprecated

If you are looking for an updated version you can go to Dave's action calculator which is very similar but takes into account the latest ruleset: Bloodbowl 2020
Dave's action calculator

Samba Action Calculator

If you feel like using this tool on your ipad, ipod or alike, you can download a version developped by David Dawnay here on itunes





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Stored Sequences

Warning: this tool will(should) give you the odds for a precise sequence. It will not demonstrate that Nuffle hates you.
Warning: this tool is still in development, it may display errors in the calculations. If you do spot any error, please report it to Elyoukey (if you do spot errors you are smart and interested enough to not need more information to track me). Thanks in advance.

English not being my mother tongue, this tool may also display English errors, feel free to report those too.

* Pro reroll: the system by default will assume that you are using the pro skill only if there is no team reroll left. To change this behavior for an action, use the checkbox in the actionbox. The system will then calculate the odds assuming that you will use the pro skill prior to a reroll but will use the reroll if the pro roll fails. It may lead to little odd increase for several sequences (for exemple : action5+ action5+ action3+ action6+ the pro skill should be used on first roll)

** Interception: the sequence displays in red the probability for the pass to NOT be intercepted ( = 1-odd to succeed the interception)